Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas 2007

Not all of these photos are Christmas 2007">Zinsmeisters, but a whole lot of them are. basically you don't have to look to hard for the Z's or former Z's.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

A Brief Morning Post to Show Belize

During this past Winter, Cheri and I spent some time down in Belize. I wanted to embed another slide show of some of the images I took while down there. This is still new to me so I wanted to share the excitement.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Pa Pa Z turns 90

Edward Robertson Zinsmeister sure seems happy and he has a lot to be happy with and about. At this Birthday celebration he was greeted by his four children and too many grandchildren and great grandchildren to count. He was accompanied by his lovely bride of more than 65 years, Estelle. More than 80 guests were counted and many more send their love, respect and best wishes to this great patriarch of what I consider to be a wonderful family......... And I am a Jones.

Family Fun on the Fourth

This Family Fun-time was initiated by Jason and Jennifer asking about a condo on the Fourth. Somehow Clark & Niki along with me and Cheri ended up either being invited or inviting ourselves, you can do that with family. Anyway, it was a great trip, a first in the Zinsmeister family branch. For both adult brothers and the "Big" sister to share a family Summer vacation space together.
The adventure was heightened to new elevations when Clark got his friend to fly us around in his twin engine plane. No loop de loops but we did get very, very low to the waterline. I have been on many boats with more freeboard. We also used the newly relocated 22' pontoon boat to go exploring on the I.C.W. and back bays. I got stung by a cajillion jellyfish while swimming under the Perdido Pass causeway. After an hour or so of crying and complaining about the stings we were on our way, in the rain again,
The next day we went out the weather cooperated and it was almost uneventful. Clark and I explored great deserted beaches to take the family to. Then when we picked up the girls and Garrett, we had a blast and then ran out of fuel on the way home.