Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Cottage For Cheri

Well Cheri has just turned 41 and she doesn't ask for much. She has always said that she wants a little cottage by the water like in the movie "Message in a Bottle". For years now I have searched to find just that kind of place. What do you know it was just down the street from where we had our first honeymoon so many years ago. It is geo-tagged at the web album, but if this works, many may not click on the images and visit the web album.
I am beginning to think that nobody but me ever visits or looks at my blogs or web albums. I sure don't get many comments. Well for now I'll keep thinking positive thoughts. Maybe all my friends and relatives are just shy. This is near Pelican Point just south of Pointe Clear near Fairhope, AL. at 123 South Street, right next door to "Paradise". This is on Baldwin Co. Rd. 1. All the names and numbers make me believe that I can get it for her. Well, all of them except the asking price. I am doing my best to convince them to deal with me. The next few weeks will tell.


Jennifer said...

DJ - LOVE these pictures. It's no wonder you fell in love with this place. It is sooo charming.

Darrin Jones said...

Believe it or not...they tore this little cottage down..!